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The Sorting Hat Mechanism

Expatronum scrutinizes The Sorting Hat here and a very valuable comment was written by someone.

Expatronum wonders if the result of the sorting hat is just about numbers, because the number of students per house is very organized. If the Sorting Hat just bases the result in our personality, then surely, one house there would be far more filled with student than the others. But that’s not the case. Currently the houses now have around 98,000 students each. Which is a very even distribution. If numbers are not taken into consideration, there must be a very wide gap in the number of students between houses.

And here’s my opinion.

In a way everyone of us has the characteristics of each house. It’s like how the horoscopes are made. When we read the horoscope for our astrological sign, more often than not, we agree with what it says. Or even when a fortune teller describes you, you’ll be amazed when she describes you correctly. “Wow, how did you know that?” We never realize that the fact is everyone has the same characteristics, just with different levels. Even if you’re not, say, obviously problematic, it’s still there. You still have that little part of you that is problematic.

We are not as different as what we think.

Personally I know that I’m a
1) Ravenclaw – because I’m odd sometimes if not often. I love weird things and I love wisdom. Just Give Me A Book And Leave Me Alone is often the story of my life.
2) Gryffindor – because I’m very persistent and always do my best to get what I want. That’s bravery at its best. This is “war” in real Life.
3) Slytherin – because I have a bad side and although not yet fully recognized, I know that it’s there and I want to explore it. (Even the psychologist Carl Jung believes everyone has this dark side). Not that “bad side” is bad. It’s doing “bad” things without bothering that it’s bad and just focusing on the fact that it’s fun.
4) Hufflepuff – because I am conscious of what is “right” and “wrong” and often do the right thing. Everyone definitely is a puff because everyone has Ego.

I don’t remember any of my answer to the Sorting Hat quiz that made me a Gryffindor. I agree with this: “possibly also referencing in some way either the questions to, or results of, the Wand Quiz” because I remember that my answer to “You pride yourself with____” is Determination, which is very Gryffindor.



Pottermore Brewing Potions Tips

I know that for the first-timers, it’s damn difficult to brew potions. But once you’ve mastered this skill, brewing will soon become a very easy task.

If you want to earn more House Points, I suggest you follow this, witches.

  • Timer starts once you closed the instruction book, so understand the instructions fully first.
  • Note the illustration for each ingredient in the instruction. It’s easier to memorize them.
  • If you want to save time looking back and forth to instructions, write them down on a paper. (Example write 1 and draw a unicorn horn. Then write “Mortar” if you need to put it into mortar.)
  • Act fast.
  • Hold bottles carefully so the contents won’t spill. (You must have a good control over your computer mouse)
  • Pay attention to the number appearing while putting an ingredient to your cauldron or mortar. You cannot subtract the excess ingredient you’ve already put.
  • While crushing using the mortar, keep clicking the mortar until the level is already between the lower and upper lines of the red-that-turns into green thing (I don’t know what it’s called. Just remember, it’s the measurement). Do not let it turn red. You know it’s correct when it’s green.
  • The same is true while heating. Heat must be within/between the upper and lower lines in the measurement. HINT: Use the controls below the cauldron. Red for heavy fire and Orange for weak flame. WARNING: The temperature keeps rising even if you’re not clicking the red or orange anymore. So you must Click Blue button to stop it from further rising. The temperature will now decrease, but don’t let it fall under the lower line. Start again the fire when it’s few millimeters above the lower line. This is the trickiest part. You have to maintain the correct level of the temperature by clicking the Orange and Blue button again and again.
  • Come back on time or else your potion won’t work and you will lose House Points!

Hold the lavender vertically and drop it at the center of the mortar.

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